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Experience Concierge Benefits

This Practice is designed to provide personal medical experience to those individuals who appreciates quality care with 24-hour access to the Doctor. For a new patient seeking to establish with a PCP, joining the concierge will minimize the wait time from 2-3 months to a week or less. Existing patients can be seen the same day or next day. Extended visits with Dr. K from the typical 10-20 minutes to 40 minutes or more if needed.

Meet Dr. Kutikoff

Dr K. completed Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine in 1994 fom Orlando Regional Medical Center in Florida. Since 1995, Dr. K has been practicing Internal Medicine in the Western Communities of Palm Beach County.

Dr. K has developed a network of specialists that she can call upon to assist with her patients requiring specialty care. Dr. K treats all her patients as if they were her family or friends and strives to learn about the whole person. In 2011 Dr. K added a VIP/Concierge Practice to add an extra dimension for patients who wanted more personalized care.

  • Don Webb
    I love Dr. Karen Kutikoff. She has been my doctor for many years. I like the Concierge Plan as it is affordable, and it works for me. I highly recommend Dr. Kutikoff.

    Don Webb

  • Tom McLaughlin
    I am a retired police officer & have been a patient of Dr. Kutikoff for over 20 years. Dr. Kutikoff is an excellent doctor. Several years ago she offered a concierge medical program which I joined. With my law enforcement schedule which could change weekly, I could schedule an appointment anytime without delay. I was also provided a cell phone number and text and could contact her with any questions at any time. You don't realize how important this is until you are sick. As for the price, it's about the same as buying a cup of coffee at a coffee shop everyday. I would highly recommend the service.

    Tom McLaughlin

  • Angela Aultman
    My name is Angela, and I have been a concierge patient of Kutikoff Health and Wellness for over a decade. The care I receive (and have received) has been consistently beyond exceptional. I have many challenging and complicated health care concerns, and Dr K has always provided me with the very best care possible. She always takes time out of her busy schedule to help me no matter what the circumstances, even when I don't have a scheduled appointment. She is a highly accomplished physician with a very professional and competent staff. I HIGHLY recommend her concierge practice wholeheartedly, where you are treated more like family than just a patient. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without her and look forward to her continued care for many more years to come. Thank you Dr. K for all that you do!

    Angela Aultman

    Lake Worth

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